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September 2015
2015/09/14 20:00 MEST
2015/09/14 02:00 pm EDT
Perfect Lighting - How to shoot Fashion and Boudoir with John Denton & Richard West

Presenter: John Denton & Richard West
Attendees: Beginners, Amateurs, Semi-Pros, Pros
Duration: Approx. 45 Minutes
Content: Join Master Photographer John Denton for a webcast in which he will unveil some of his tricks and secrets for working with lights indoors. We're getting towards the winter months now when natural light is scarce so this is the perfect preparation for those dark days. Although John shoots primarily in art nude, boudoir and fashion genres there will be something here for everyone. If you use speedlights, portable lighting or megawatt studio heads then John guarantees you will leave with at least one nugget of information to change the way you work.