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SpyderSTUDIO is a complete color calibration solution designed for photographers who need the highest level of color control in the studio and flexibility in post-production. It provides everything you need from shoot, to edit, to print for the utmost in accuracy and color management. Consider this your digital darkroom that brings you easy-to-use, full-featured, photographer-oriented solutions for your digital workflow. With solutions from RAW Camera calibration to quick and easy custom ICC printer profiles, you’ll get real-world colors you can rely on. From start to finish, SpyderSTUDIO brings you the results professional studios require and the ease of use that serious photographers demand.


  • Displays render the same image differently: Calibration tunes your display to a reference standard and brings color consistency across desktop, laptop, multiple displays, projectors, iPad, iPhone and Android devices (with the free SpyderGALLERY App).
  • RAW Calibration:In just one shot the SpyderCUBE can customize white and contrast balance and other color adjustments using your favorite RAW conversion software. So your images are captured accurately from the beginning of your workflow.
  • Prints often do not match display: Both display and printer calibration are essential to provide a base for superior print matching. This greatly reduces wasted paper and ink with your printed output.
  • Highlight and shadow details are inaccurate when not calibrated: Control of brightness, white point and tone response with calibration assure you that your display and prints will match.
  • Image colors are not true to life: After calibration, images can be viewed and edited with confidence.
  • Photographers, designers and imaging professionals can work confidently on properly color- calibrated screen and printer devices and can assert greater control over the color fidelity of their digital process. Images can be reliably assessed and adjusted on a properly calibrated display and printer, enabling true-to-life reproduction of image files.


  • Spyder4ELITE

    This advanced colorimeter automates and simplifies display calibration. Install the software, attach the Spyder4ELITE to the USB port and step through the wizard. The sensor measures a series of colors on your screen and creates a “profile” that brings your display to a reference state. At the end, you can compare how the images look before and after calibration.

    Spyder4ELITE features a patented, full-spectrum 7-color sensor that can accurately characterize a variety of wide gamut and normal gamut displays. Spyder4ELITE software lets you use the same sensor to calibrate your computer display, projector, TV (with purchase of the Spyder4TV HD cross-grade), iPad, iPhone and Android device. No other calibrator has this capability. The fourth-generation sensor uses double-shielded filters for longer life and better performance. On average, accuracy is improved by 26% compared to Spyder3.

  • SpyderPRINT

    The spectrocolorimeter in SpyderPRINT gives you the ability to create profiles for your printers, inks and papers. Simply install the software, print your choice of targets with your printer and then use the SpyderGuide device to help step you through the easy process to calibrate and build a profile. The exclusive SpyderProof feature provides a series of images to help you evaluate detail and compare it with your images. We designed additional features in our software to make it easy for you to adjust profile settings to get the best possible printed output for your images.

  • SpyderCUBE

    This is a 3-dimensional white and contrast balancing tool. It provides a portable solution for photographers to capture an image with the proper data needed to manage all elements of proper lighting to begin the creative process.
    Shooting in RAW mode gives you creative freedom but processing a RAW file is often a long, trial-and-error operation. SpyderCUBE accelerates RAW processing in providing references to set the white balance, exposure, black level and brightness right from the start. Simply take one reference shot with SpyderCUBE under the same light condition, adjust, save as preset and apply to the entire series.

Designed For:

Professional photographers, production studios, and professional users.


  • Automated Color & Brightness Calibration

    Spyder4ELITE’s simple, clear and automated process makes it straightforward to calibrate your displays to a reference condition. You can view and edit images with confidence on a display calibrated to show true-to-life colors and luminance adjusted for precise shadow/highlight detail.

  • Full-spectrum color sensor

    Spyder4ELITE’s patented 7-color sensor improves upon colorimeters that use 3-channel RGB sensors. Each Spyder4ELITE unit is individually tuned in the factory to accurately handle a variety of wide-gamut and normal gamut displays with ease.

  • Single sensor calibrates all your displays

    Spyder4ELITE works with your laptop, multiple monitors, front projector, television (with paid software upgrade on website), iPad, iPhone and Android device. It works with LCD, LED, OLED, CRT, DLP and other display technologies. You can calibrate multiple displays connected to your computer. Spyder4ELITE is unique in its ability to calibrate all your display devices to achieve greater consistency.

  • Improved accuracy and stability

    The fourth-generation Spyder4ELITE has double-shielded color filters for an even closer match to CIE color standards and improved long term stability. Accuracy is increased by an average of 26%.

  • Fast Re-calibration Assistant

    The “ReCAL” feature makes it quick and easy to recalibrate your display to compensate for changes that occur over time.

  • Adapts display to surrounding light

    The lighting around you will affect image contrast and appearance. An additional sensor on the Spyder4ELITE measures the brightness of the ambient light and adapts the monitor luminance to an appropriate level.

Spyder4ELITE software options for greater control

For greater control over color management Spyder4ELITE provides additional features:

  • StudioMatch enables visual fine-tuning of studio displays to match the way you see color.
  • Built-in presets for video standards such as Cineon, NTSC and PAL.
  • Color analysis of your display quality by plotting uniformity, color gamut, and change over time, tone response and allowing comparison with other displays.
  • Calibrate to professional workflow targets with L-Star tone response curve.
  • Unlimited choices for gamma, white point, white luminance and black luminance.
  • Iterative grey balance algorithm for the most accurate greys.
  • Front projector calibration for color accurate presentations.


  • Profiling Speed and Accuracy

    The spectrocolorimeter gives you custom profiles in minutes with EZ targets for color and black and white. The SpyderGuide device provides convenience in reading the printed targets to help you create profiles easily and accurately.

  • Intuitive Profiling Software

    Usability is improved with the step-by-step process. The program makes it easy to follow the calibration of the targets and help you build a profile.

  • SpyderProof

    This function gives you a series of carefully selected images to evaluate detail with a photographer’s point of view. This feature is available for each unique printer profile that you create, providing you with a soft-proofing tool that is invaluable in managing your printed output.

  • Total Control

    Advanced controls are included in the Color and Black & White Tinting curves in your Image Editor, which allows you to apply adjustments to the profile rather than to each individual image. The Extended Grays Target allows you to add precision gray and near gray data to profiles, enhancing the quality of tinted and b&w prints.

  • Extensive Editing Functions

    Flexible target options and high patch profiling targets produce “gallery quality prints” in color or black and white. Easily select prebuilt or custom sets of advanced profile settings to produce profiles with specific combinations of highlight and shadow tint, detail and neutrality settings.

Please Note: SpyderSTUDIO builds RGB ICC profiles. Please check with the manufacturer of your laser printer or the developer of your RIP software to determine if your laser printer or RIP is compatible with RGB format ICC profiles.


SpyderCUBE provides all relevant light information for the RAW adjustments with these features:

  • Chrome Ball to measure catchlight to analyze overexposed areas.
  • White Faces to define highlights in relation to catchlight.
  • Spectrally neutral 18% Grey Faces to measure color temperature and midtones in all lighting conditions.
  • Black Trap to define absolute black.
  • Black Face to define shadows in relation to black trap.
  • Easy to use: Compatible with all RAW converter software.
  • Essential for RAW processing: But can also be used when processing images in a JPG workflow.
  • Compact design: Small and handy, it fits in any photo bag ideal for location shooting (outdoor or indoor) and studios

  • Datacolor Spyder4ELITE colorimeter
  • Desktop Cradle/Tripod mount
  • SpyderPRINT Spectrocolorimeter and Base
  • SpyderGuide
  • 6’ USB cable
  • SpyderCUBE with protective pouch
  • Spyder4ELITE and SpyderPRINT Software CD
  • Quick Start Guides (in 10 languages)
  • Metal case
  • 1-year warranty (for countries of the EU, the period is 2 years)
  • Free Online Support

  • Win 7 32/64, Win 8.0, 8.1 32/64, Win 10 32/64, Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, & 10.11
  • Color monitor with at least 1024×768 resolution or front-projector.
  • 24-bit video card
  • Powered USB port


Spyder4ELITE Spyder4PRO Spyder4EXPRESS
Gamma Choices Unlimited 1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.4 2.2
Color Temperature Choices Unlimited 5000K, 5800K, 6500K, native 6500K
Custom Targets NTSC, PAL/SECAM, Cineon, L-Star* 64 patches 64 patches
ICC Profile Support ICC 2, ICC 4 ICC 2, ICC 4
Multiple Display Calibration Yes Yes No
TV Calibration Yes
(payed update)
(payed update)
Front Projector Calibration Yes No No
Ambient Light Measurement Yes Yes No
Re-calibration Wizard Yes Yes No
Expert Console Yes No No
Custom B/W Luminance Control Yes
Display History Utility Yes
SpyderProof Interface Yes Yes Yes
StudioMatch Yes No No
Gamma Curve Editing Yes No No
Real-time Profile & Calibration Check Yes Yes Yes
L-Star Workflow Option Yes No No
Curves Import Function Yes No No
Precise Light Function Yes No No
Precision Gray Axis Algorithm Yes Yes No
Web Registration & Update Checks Yes Yes No

* L-Star technology is Licensed Property of INTEGRATED COLOR SOLUTIONS, INC., Patent No.: 7,075,552 and No. 6,937,249.


Hardware Specifications

Measurement Device Spyder4ELITE Spyder4PRO Spyder4EXPRESS
Ambient Light Sensor Yes Yes No
Color Sensor 7 Filter/Detector 7 Filter/Detector 7 Filter/Detector
Aperture Size 27 mm 27 mm 27 mm
Initial Calibration Time 5 Minutes 5 Minutes 5 Minutes
Recalibration Time 2.5 Minutes 2.5 Minutes
Ambient Light Shield 2 Inches 2 inches
Mounting Methods Universal Counterweight and Tripod Mount Universal Counterweight and Tripod Mount Universal Counterweight
Desktop Docking Base w/Tripod Mount Yes Yes No
Physical Dimensions 1.5 in.(D) x 3.5 in.(W) x 4 in.(L) 1.5 in.(D) x 3.5 in.(W) x 4 in.(L) 1.5 in.(D) x 3.5 in.(W) x 4 in.(L)
Computer Connection USB USB USB
Hardware Warranty 1 Year (for countries of the EU, the period is 2 years) 1 Year (for countries of the EU, the period is 2 years) 1 Year (for countries of the EU, the period is 2 years)


Spyder products are used and endorsed by photographers and imaging professionals around the world. Here are comments from a recent survey of Spyder users:

  • “My color problems are gone!”
  • “Great tool in helping me match my prints to what I see on the screen”
  • “Color management has become much, much easier since I started used Spyder”
  • “In essence it has brought my photography to a higher level”
  • “Provided me with the accuracy I’ve been missing for so long in my color and B&W work flow!”
  • “Very pleased with the result of monitor calibration”
  • “Spyder works great…I don’t have to worry how my photo prints will come back from the lab”
  • “Excellent product if you want control over image quality”
  • “I’ve seen great improvement in my end-product’s overall appeal and consistency”
  • “Money well spent…and a lot expensive paper saved”
  • “I have used your product since 2005 and I have found that it works the best for me”
  • “Excellent service and support received over a technical issue I had recently”