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More Control: New Software for our Spyder3elite Customers

You asked and we’re delivering these features just for you, with the richest feature set we have ever offered! New features include monitor quality analyzer, display graphing compared to sRGB & Adobe RGB, enhanced iterative gray balancing and automated brightness adjustment.


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  • Monitor Quality Analyzer gives you the tools to find out just how good your display actually is; and compare it to other displays using easy-to-read maps of your screen’s uniformity, allowing you to determine which areas of your screen are precise enough for the most demanding work.
  • Display Graph allows you to compare the gamut of multiple displays to one another, as well as to standard color spaces like sRGB and AdobeRGB. This helps you understand which colors your display can reproduce.
  • Iterative Gray Balance Option for the most accurate gray balance algorithm available. This gives you the best gray calibration for your display.
  • Software Brightness Control allows owners of iMac and other displays with limited dimming controls, to work with these displays in more desirable, dimmer environments, and to match them to other displays
  • Automated Brightness Adjustment means users no longer need to adjust front panel controls on Apple Cinema Displays, iMacs, MacBooks or PowerBooks. All brightness adjustments on these screens are done automatically by Spyder software.


  • Spyder3elite colorimeter
  • Spyder3elite 3.x serial number

What You Get

  • Datacolor Spyder3elite 4.0 License Key
  • Spyder3elite 4.0 Software via download