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Tablet color can be attractive, but lacking in accuracy and consistency. Datacolor SpyderGALLERY was designed to help photographers manage the color output for the iPad® and iPhone®. Now the version 3 includes support for the Android® as well! This app provides an easy-to-use program to calibrate your device display and assure that colors are consistent throughout the entire workflow process. Just download the free app from the iTunes iOS App Store® or Google Play Store® and follow the simple instructions to download SpyderGALLERY to your desktop.

SpyderGALLERY provides integrated viewing on Facebook© and Flickr® services. Now users can enjoy color calibrated viewing of their photos on these galleries as well as the images saved to their tablet.

Datacolor is the first to provide a color calibration solution to improve the color on your tablet or mobile device. We designed SpyderGALLERY to enhance the way professionals display their work in today’s mobile world. Use your Spyder to calibrate your device and SpyderGALLERY to view your images using the custom color profile on your device. Then relax – you now have consistent color throughout your entire photo gallery and on any supported device!

A Spyder4 colorimeter is required to use the calibration component of SpyderGALLERY for Android. If you do not already have access to a Spyder click here.

Designed for:

  Professional photographers, photo studios and anyone serious about their photo displays.

iPad before-after calibration

Introduction to SpyderGALLERY
This video offers an introduction to Datacolor’s SpyderGALLERY to calibrate calibrate your tablet, and view images using your custom color profile.

  • World’s first custom calibrated viewing on your tablet iPad, iPhone or Android device.
  • Easy to use calibration utility for Mac® and Windows®.
  • Includes integration with Facebook and Flickr services
  • Color corrected viewing from your standard photo library albums
  • Provides confidence in knowing your display is calibrated.
  • Free SpyderGALLERY for iPad and iPhone app can be downloaded from the iOS App Store®.
  • Free SpyderGALLERY for Android app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store®.

  • Spyder3+ (Express, Pro or Elite) for iOS calibration
  • Spyder4 (Express, Pro or Elite) for Android calibration
  • -iOS 4+ or Android 3.0+ on your mobile device
  • MacOS® X (10.4+) or Windows® XP 32/64, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 or 8 32/64, Powered USB port
  • Local Wi-Fi network

* iPhone, iPad, and iTunes iOS App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Spyder, SpyderGALLERY, and other Datacolor trademarks are trademarked by Datacolor Inc.

“I’ve had my Nexus 7 for nearly a year, but have been disappointed in its lack of color in the display. Using SpyderGALLERY, the colors now match my Spyder-calibrated desktop screen perfectly! I use my Nexus 7 to show clients images from my shoots in progress. Up to now, I have to explain how the final images will have better color. With SpyderGALLERY, the progress shots on the Nexus pad appear as good as on my desktop calibrated screen.”

John Nollendorfs, Photographer and Printmaker

SpyderGALLERY Testimonial
Friends with Vision: Sarah Silver explains why SpyderGALLERY iPad® app provides superb calibration for professional photographers ensuring accurate imaging.