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Before making any edits to your images, make sure that you calibrate your monitor to ensure that your colors are accurate and your workflow is flawless.

Spyder5PRO: Advanced color accuracy solution, with room lighting settings for optimal monitor brightness, to help you get true colors on screen and in print. Advanced-featured, interactive calibration for laptop and desktop monitors. Spyder5ELITE: Expert color accuracy solution for laptops, desktops and projectors with room light monitoring and unlimited settings for gamma, white point and advanced grey balancing, for ultimate control of your color workflow.
Reg: $189 – Sale: $129
Reg: $279 – Sale: $199

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Why Upgrade?

Why Upgrade to Spyder5

Up to 55% Improvement in Low Luminance Accuracy

The new Spyder5 colorimeter design allows improvements where you need it most – in accuracy. The Spyder5 patented optical design, which is based on the industry’s only 7 detector color engine, has been enhanced to provide improved tonal response at low luminance levels resulting in more accurate shadow detail and smoother gradients while preserving the exceptional color accuracy on laptop and desktop monitors.



Multiple Monitor Support

Spyder5EXPRESS now supports calibration of all your connected monitors.

The “All New” SpyderProof

Spyder5PRO and Spyder5ELITE users now have the option to select their own photos to evaluate the calibration results in the SpyderProof screen. This gives you the ability to really see the difference a Spyder5 calibration makes by looking at your own photos on-screen.
Spydere5ELITE users also have the ability to view the SpyderProof image in full screen. No matter what your monitor size is, you will really be able to see before and after calibration results clearly.

On-Screen Assistance

Spyder5 now includes recommended settings for every input with on-screen explanations of technical terms, making it easier and faster to calibrate and recalibrate. Just place your mouse cursor over any software element and the Interactive Help will explain everything with simple wording. It was never easier to ensure reliable colors.

Re-designed Help for Easier Learning

Spyder5 help content has been completely re-written to provide clear guidance for running and interpreting all available monitor analysis as well as creation of customized calibration settings, thereby enabling you to take full advantage of the advanced features offered by Spyder5PRO and Spyder5ELITE.

Spyder5 Sensor’s Smaller Footprint

The Spyder5 colorimeter has been completely redesigned to support a wide range of monitor types and sizes – including curved screens. The smaller size also allows for easier portability and storage.

Spyder5 Sensor’s Redesigned Baffle

The Spyder5 colorimeter is improved to avoid influence from stray light as best as possible with its redesigned honey comb filter that is as narrow and deep as never before.

Spyder5 Sensor Lens Cap

All photographers use the camera’s lens cap to protect their camera lenses – the Spyder5 device is no different. The Spyder5 device now includes a multi-purpose lens cap that helps protect and keep the Spyder5 optics clean as well as acting as a monitor counter-weight to ensure the device lies flat against your monitor during calibration.

Integrated Tripod Mount

Projector calibration with Spyder5ELITE is now easier than ever. The new Spyder5 device now comes with a built-in tripod mount. No more worrying about additional spare parts to carry around when you need to calibrate your projector.

Encapsulated Optical Design

The Spyder5 colorimeter has been redesigned from the ground up as a single optical module. This makes the Spyder5 more resistant to physical and environmental stress – ensuring your Spyder5 device takes correct readings for every calibration.

Spyder’s Compatibility to all Current Display Resolutions

Spyder5’s color references (patches) are displayed in full screen size to ensure that all monitor sizes, including 4k/5k monitors can be calibrated. When new monitor technology emerges, such as 8k monitors, you can be confident that Spyder5 will do the job.

Spyder’s Customer Care Page

The all-new Spyder5 customer care page offers you everything you need to start the next level (and reliability) of your photo editing. Rich content such as videos, easy to follow Quick Start Guide and detailed User Guide ensures you have all resources needed to use your Spyder5 product to its fullest potential. The brief Getting Started video steps you through the installation and activation process to get you up and running quickly and easily. The customer care page also includes a calibration demonstration video that steps you through using your Spyder5 software to ensure you calibrate all of your monitors correctly.

Compact and Re-usable Packaging

Spyder5 packaging has been completely redesigned to be more portable, durable and re-usable.

Spyder5 Comparison

Designed forSerious photographers and designers seeking a full-featured and advanced color accuracy solutionProfessional photographers, studios, and calibration perfectionists seeking ultimate control of their color workflow
Spyder5 Colorimeter
Spyder5 Colorimeter
SoftwareWizard, Interactive help, Advanced FeaturesWizard, Interactive Help, Expert Console, Suite of Expert Features
Calibration Settings
16 Choices
Unlimited choices, User-Defined, and Rec.709 for Videography
Multiple Monitor Support
Laptops, Desktop Monitors
Laptops, Desktop Monitors, Front Projectors, Studio Match Assistant
Before & After Calibration Evaluation Standard Datacolor Image, Imported User ImagesStandard Datacolor Image, Imported User Images (Full Screen Mode)
Room Light Monitoring
3 Ambient Light Settings
5 Ambient Light Settings
Fast Recalibration Option
Display Analysis
Advanced including Screen Uniformity
Gamma Choices
1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.4
Color Temperature Choices
5000K, 5800K, 6500K, native
Custom Targets
Spyder5 ColorimeterNTSC, PAL/SECAM, ITU-R Rec.BT.709, ITU-R Rec.BT.2020, Cineon, L-Star*
ICC Profile Support
ICC 2, ICC 4
ICC 2, ICC 4
Multiple Display Calibration
On-Screen Interactive Help
Front Projector Calibration
Room Light Measurement
Re-calibration Wizard
2.5 min
2.5 min
Expert Console
Custom B/W Luminance Control
Display History Utility
SpyderProof - Before & After Calibration EvaluationImported User ImageImported User Image + Full Screen
Gamma Curve Editing
Continuous Profile & Calibration Check
L-Star Workflow Option
Curves Import Function
Improved Gray Balance
Web Activation & Automatic Update Checks
Color Sensor
7 Filter/Detector
7 Filter/Detector
Aperture Size
27 mm
27 mm
Encapsulated Optical Module
Integrated Tripod Mount
Sensor Lens cap
Initial Calibration Time
5 min
5 min
Recalibration Time
2.5 min
2.5 min
Mounting Methods
Lens cap Counterweight
Lens cap Counterweight or Integrated Tripod Mount
Physical Dimensions2.73 in.(L) x 2.93 in.(W) x 1.71 in.(H)2.73 in.(L) x 2.93 in.(W) x 1.71 in.(H)
Computer Connection
Hardware Warranty1 Year (for countries of the EU, the period is 2 years)1 Year (for countries of the EU, the period is 2 years)

Spyder5 Testimonials

What a delight it is to use and calibrate all of my displays with the new Spyder5! It took me just minutes to calibrate three monitors. All of photography should be this easy!

Default Avatar75
Ken Sklute

Best money you will ever spend!! It will pay for itself in no time from all the lost paper and ink when your monitor is not spot on. No I don't work for them!! I just love the thing and what it does. I get a print of exactly what is on my screen every time.

Default Avatar75
Lynn M.
Spyder User

Amazing how far a monitor can drift in a months’ time. Run the Spyder and observe the "Before"- "After" calibration and you'll be sold.

Default Avatar75
Dennis R.
Spyder User