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Vibrant, but correct...

Maintaining vibrant colors in images is not always that easy. In our news we regularly give practical tips and tricks on how to get to the true colors:

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Datacolor Partner
Fotolia continues its successful project TEN, in its second season

The new team consists of 12 international artists and their creations. The Digital Artists from USA, France, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Poland, Spain, Italy, Britain and Germany will share their work, creative abilities and current cultural influences. Once again, it will be possible to download the work of each artist free of charge during a 24-hour period.

Each picture is accompanied by a Making-Of video, which offers an intimate and fascinating glimpse into the lives and techniques of the Digital Artists.

On February 8th 2013, the work of the Korean Digital Artist Soongyu Gwon will be available for free download for 24 hours.

More information about Fotolia TEN...

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Expand your horizons


February 13th 2013, 9 pm (MET) - Advanced Workflow Using Lightroom 4 and Photoshop

Join us in this free webinar when we explore the building blocks needed when integrating Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6 workflows. (Co-sponsored by SLR Lounge)
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February 27th 2013, 9 pm (MET) - Tips and Techniques for Floral Photography.

An inspiring and educational view of methods and tools used in floral photography. (Co-sponsored by Lensbaby)
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March 6th 2013, 9 pm (MET) - Artistic Techniques in Mobile Phone Photography.

In this webinar we will examine various types of phone photos and will analyse themes, graphic elements and the use of image editing software.
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Friend with Vision:
Jatin Kampani, India

Even during his childhood, Jatin Kampani was an enthusiastic hobby photographer. In 1996, he turned his hobby into a career. Ten years after his professional debut, he became the first Indian photographer with a cover for Lürzer's Archive. During the past two years, he has been regularly featured in Lürzer's Archive Special Edition of the "200 Best Ad Photographers" worldwide. His work has been awarded several international prizes, such as the International Photography Award, the PX3 Award in Paris and the "Best Photographer of the Year Award" from Asian Photography.

Kampani works mainly on outstanding advertising campaigns for clients such as De Beers, L'Oreal, Motorola, Pepsi, Canon and Sony, to name but a few. For some time, Jatin Kampani has also been photographing fashion for magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire, GQ, Grazia, Verve, and many more.

Further pictures and information can be found on his website.

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Photoshop Tipp
The right way to save pictures for the Internet

"Great picture that you uploaded - but the colors look a bit strange ..." Haven't we all heard this at some time?

The reason is quickly found, if you know a little about how browsers deal with color information. Under Mac OS X in the standard browser Safari, everything is fine, but Windows users with Internet Explorer can only shake their heads. Although IE usually processes almost all the picture information, it rejects the color space and automatically assumes sRGB. If the original image has been saved in color space AdobeRGB(1998), the forced sRGB will display a distorted saturation - the same values but to a different scale.

A comparable effect would be experienced if you would interpret distances on a kilometre-based map as miles. Everyone can imagine how little agreement there would be between the given distances and reality.

To avoid a false interpretation by the program ignoring the color space, it is best to speak the language which is required anyway. In this case, it means that images which are intended for the Internet should best be supplied in sRGB. In the screen-shot you can see the settings which skilfully avoid this problem. In the function "Save for web" you should always activate the option "Embed color profile" and then the function "Convert to sRGB". Finally, in the preview you click on "Internet-Standard-RGB (without color management)" and then you will see the colors exactly as they will generally be seen on the monitor of a normal user with Internet Explorer.

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