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   New Photoshop Tip and a chance to win a Spyder3Elite
X-Mas Special 
New Photoshop Tip and a chance to win a Spyder3Elite

Our last serial number upgrade promotion was very well received by you. For all who were left empty-handed, there will be a new opportunity on December 6th - St. Nicholas Day! Or simply win daily one of 3 SpyderElite in the following week...


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Photoshop Tip:
Correction of geometric distortion

(powered by Docma)

This image deformation is mostly known from low-cost panorama lenses, the straight lines pincushion or barrel-shaped curve visually. Also longer focal lengths tend to distort, but at first glance we tend not to notice this. In fact the dialogue "Lens Correction" in Photoshop is misplaced.

Much more useful would be to install it as an equal option in Camera Raw and not subsequently apply to the already developed images. The filter is from the submenu "Distort" now moved into the direct access of the filter menu. The dialogue structure has changed insofar as you will be now welcomed by the automatic program and no longer from the manual options. Optionally corrected will be image geometry, corrects chromatic aberrations and vignette, which at least precipitate specifically for each lens and take notice of their removal, the size of chip used as KB-full frame or APS-C needs.

Alternatively, reconsider the possibility of your wish list and buy yourself a better lens for Christmas.

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X-Mas Special:
Your chance to win one of 6 SpyderElite upgrades...
                                                   ...or one of 15 SpyderElite extra!

Saint Nicholas (Father Christmas...) is the tradition to a real historical figure - the Bishop Nicholas of Myra (ca. 280-351 AD). However Santa is an invention of modern times and became world famous thanks to the advertising of a well-known beverage manufacturer. Both do basically the same thing: bring gifts.

The custom is known that in the night before December 6th boots or a plate have to be put outside the door. On the morning of Saint Nicholas Day the boots or dishes will be filled with lots of little goodies and gifts.

You do not even need to polish your boots - all you have to do on December 6th is to be online and watch out to one of the six serial numbers - good luck!

"I like" Promotion

For those who no longer believe in Santa Claus, we are giving away 3 SpyderElite daily among all "I Like" fans in the Christmas week (from December 19 - 23) - it is worthwhile to click the

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Friend with Vision: Luc Coiffait

"Since a young age I have always enjoyed any opportunity to take photos. At 16, after talking to a psychic family friend, I was advised to pursue photography. So I did..."

At only 22, Luc Coiffait is one of the youngest photographers to shoot a number of full stories for Conde Nast (e.g. Vogue, Style, Glamour, GQ, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Architectural Digest) and already counts Leo Burnett, Lavazza and a number of magazines amongst his clients. With a number of leading publications now working with Luc on upcoming projects, great things are expected from one of the most promising photographers around.

Not only concentrating on stills, Luc has also had all 5 of his debut fashion videos published. It is remarkable that Luc also runs a production company and professional retouching services...

Currently based in London but shooting worldwide for clients in London, New York City, Madrid and Milan - Watch this space. More about Luc's work can be found on his website and on Friends With Vision.

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Upcoming Trade Shows

Mumbai, India

World's 3rd Biggest Photographic & Trade Exhibition!

The show is scheduled on 5th to 8th January 2012, at Bombay Exhibition Grounds, at Goregaon (East), Mumbai from 10am to 6pm.The trade exhibition will showcase the latest innovations in Electronic Imaging, Storing and printing technology from across the globe. A must-visit for aspiring photographic enthusiasts, amateurs, professionals in the Photographic and Consumer Electronic Industry.



Las Vegas, USA

The photo imaging industry returns to Vegas! The Largest Photo and Related Technology Event in the World! The 2012 PMA@CES is the 87th annual PMA International Convention and the premier destination for digital imaging professionals from all walks of life. PMA@CES is the place for the most-concentrated exhibits of photo/imaging products and services. From capture to output, PMA@CES at The Venetian is the place to be.


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