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Let's celebrate Halloween
and win some thrilling prizes!

This month we're looking forward to the very soon upcoming Halloween, and we've prepared a thrilling sweepstake and competition to celebrate!


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Halloween Sweepstakes:
Your chance to win 15 Spyder3Elite upgrades or a 25% discount!

October 31st is Halloween, and all Spyder3Pro users have a chance to win a Spyder3Elite Upgrade every day for an entire week, beginning on 31st of October until the 4th of November 2011 - all you need to do is to

check our Facebook page


How does it work?

During the Halloween week - from 31st of October until the 4th of November 2011 - Datacolor will publish 3 serial numbers every day, and is giving away 3 Spyder3Pro to Spyder3Elite Upgrades which will allow owners of a Spyder3Pro to improve the use of their sensors and to use all the features available in the Elite version. That's a value of more than 75 Euros.

What to do?

Frequent visits to the Facebook page pay off! Write down the serial numbers, download the Spyder3Elite software from our support area and activate it. Beware though: every serial number can only be used once - so you better be fast! *

That's far too complicated? No problem - quick and easy: post your best Spyder Halloween photo to our Facebook page and win

25% discount + free delivery**

for your next online purchase from our website. The photo that receives the best reviews from the Datacolor fans wins!

Good luck and have a spooky Halloween!

*  If you get an error message, the serial number has already been taken (each serial number can only be used once).
   So another fan was faster. But don't worry and try again the next day.

**Sorry, this is only available for customers living in the USA and selected regions in Europe!

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Upcoming Photographic Events

PDN PhotoPlus International Conference & Expo: October 27-29, 2011

PhotoPlus is currently taking place again at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, an event we wouldn't want to miss. So if you happen to spend the end of October in town and are planning to visit PhotoPlus, why not stop by at our booth no. 836 for a chat? We'll of course also gladly answer any questions you might have about our products.


Webinar: Get Prints That Match Your Display (Advanced Printer Profiling Tips & Tricks): November 22, 2011, 2:00 PM EST

If you do happen to have some questions about printer profiling or would just like to learn more about it, but can't make it to PhotoPlus, you can of course always participate in our upcoming free Webinar on the subject: For photographers the best display of your work is your prints. So it's frustrating when a shot you worked on for hours doesn't represent the true quality of your work in print. Datacolor is here to help. We're dedicating an entire hour to teaching you how to get great prints with the Spyder3Print SR printer profiling system.

Register for this free Webinar now!

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Friend with Vision: Jennifer Wu

"Otherworldly" is a word that comes mind when viewing Jennifer Wu's photography. Many of the images taken by the 1968-born American artist feel nothing short of magical. A shot of a twisted and gnarly tree trunk against a starry night sky makes you want to reach out and stir the galaxy's gas clouds with your fingers. Looking at an image of a fog drenched forest, it's almost as if you wouldn't be surprised to find a fairy or an elf between the branches looking back at you. And when Jennifer sets out to capture the power and rawness of volcanic explosions close up, the results make you feel as if she had passed the gates of Mordor to get the shot.

Many of Jennifer's most fascinating shots were indeed taken in a place that might be considered by some as at least somewhat unreal: California. Jennifer's home in Sacramento servers her well as a base between her many adventures, which often take her and the participants of her workshops to some of the most beautiful corners of the state or sometimes the world. "My lifelong quest for capturing nature's elusive or even unrecognized beauty has pushed me to embark on ever more challenging adventures in California as wells as throughout the United States and abroad", says Jennifer. "I spend my time driving, flying and hiking to scout for those ideal locations and waiting for the wind, clouds, and light to all come together in a mystical way. The striking compositions share with you the story of the transitional world as a beautiful place often with magical moments when anything can happen."

More about Jennifer's work can be found on her website and on Friends With Vision.

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Photoshop Tip:
Insert a New Sky

This picture was taken in Rome, it shows the Aventine Hill that looms above the Tiber. Unfortunately the sky is quite bland in it. Digital imaging offers of course not only the possibilities to optimize photos in regards to brightness, color or sharpness; you can also combine elements from different sources. You always have to keep in mind though, that your image will loose its documental character that way. Manipulations like that range from a harmless use of the Stamp Tool to remove a fly, all the way to truly evil-minded fabrications.

To learn how to best replace a sky in a shot like this one, read our Photoshop Tip.

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