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Here's to a Colorful Autumn!

In this issue we get to look forward with you not only to the beautiful colors of autumn, but also to several interesting events and updates:


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Upcoming Photographic Events

Salon de la Photo: 6. - 10. October 2011

Once again Paris Expo Porte de Versailles will open its gates to welcome visitors, manufacturers, importers and other exhibitors to the annual Salon de la Photo. Offering something for professionals, amateurs and the general public alike, the show is the largest photography market event in Europe in 2011, and obviously you'll find us there as well, together with our partner Digit Access at booth B20. See you there!

David Tejada Workshops in Austria:
September - October 2011

We've feautred David and his popular workshop series "Small Strobes - Big Results" before, in the workshop he teaches participants not only a lot of generally useful tips and tricks on lighting, but also how to achieve studio quality results with small battery-driven flash lights on location. David is touring Austria in September and October and will be visiting Graz (29.09.), Klagenfurt (30.09. / 09.10.), Dornbirn (05.10.) and Linz (03.10. / 07.10.).

More information on those events.

Free Webinars on Contrast, Color and Focus Calibration:
27th September 2011

After our summer break we'd like to welcome you back to our online seminars. We'll start off next week already, with an extensive edition on camera calibration. The roughly one hour long seminar will cover contrast, color and focus calibration, using SpyderCube, SpyderCheckr and SpyderLensCal. Afterwards our Pro Trainer Oliver Mews will be available to answer any questions you might still have.

More Webinars can be found here. What topics are you interested in most? Please vote directly on our Facebook page with a single click to let us know which Webinar you'd like to see next.

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Look like a Photoshop pro...
                  ...but skip the learning

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to produce images like a Photoshop pro, but without having to learn about what happens under the hood of Photoshop? The secret is plug-ins; a Photoshop plug-in makes it easy to do advanced Photoshop editing, so you can get that pro look in your images in seconds, with the click of a mouse. Our friends at NIK Software have just announced the latest version of their Color Efex Pro 4 plug-in suite for Photoshop, which is regarded by many photographers as the best plug-in suite of photographic filters on the market. It is therefore not surprising that NIK won both the TIPA Award 2011 and the EISA Award 2011 for "Best Photo Software". The new version 4 of Color Efex Pro brings some very interesting advancements like the possibility to add multiple filters at once, customize and share filter combinations with others and of course a lot of new or improved filters.

What sets the plug-in suite from NIK Software apart is the use of their U Point technology. It is simply the most unique and powerful image editing technology available today. U Point powered control points enable you to add or remove filter effects without the need for complicated selections or layer masks. Enhancements are automatically and naturally blended throughout the image, producing spectacular results.

More information about plug-ins from NIK Multimedia can be found at www.niksoftware.com.

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Friend with Vision: Alex Soh

A strong passion for photography is something certainly shared by all our Friends With Vision. But Alex Soh seems to be driven by such a unique and strong passion not only for photography, but also for life and adventure, that he even stands out among these incredible artists in this regard. "Capture with your heart" is Alex' guiding philosophy on his travels across the globe, from Scotland to Chile, from the USA to Vietnam. A credo that is reflected in the stunningly beautiful landscape and travel photography that he brings back from his journeys to all corners of the world, as well as in his many diverse projects: It is not only for the numerous magazines, books, stock collections and exhibitions for which Alex travels the mountain tops of Japan or Monument Valley in Arizona. He also continues to touch many lives with his passion during his well-known group expeditions and with the social projects he uses to raise awareness, such as his "Project Road" in Cambodia or "The Rice Project" in Sri Lanka.

It is this passion that has enabled Alex to capture so many breathtaking landscapes with his camera and to create such beautiful works of fine art. Alex is based in his home country Singapore, but his images can be seen all over the world; on the covers of the globally distributed "Our Daily Bread" for example, as well as in various photo magazines and exhibitions. He has won numerous awards and accolades for his work and has been a judge in photo competitions himself.

Let Alex' passion touch you as well; enjoy his stunningly beautiful sceneries: http://www.alexsohphotography.com/

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Update Regarding OS X Lion Support

We promised you that we will release updated installers that fully support the use of your Spyder2 and Spyder3 Sensor under OS X Lion. The Spyder3 already works fine with a few tweaks and an updated installer will be released as a beta version at the end of this week to allow you easier installation and usage.

As for support of the Spyder2 sensor, we are working really hard to get it done. What you can expect is an updated version of Spyder3Express that also works with the Spyder2 sensor. This will allow you to run a basic calibration on your first monitor. Unfortunately you won't be able to calibrate multiple monitors, use the ambient light compensation or the studio match function, simply due to hardware limitations (like the lack of an ambient light sensor in the Spyder2 sensor).

Please also keep in mind that the Spyder2 sensor is not able to deliver correct calibration results for displays with LED backlight (included in most MacBook Pros for the last 3 years), wide gamut displays or displays with a high-gloss surface. All these newer monitor technologies require a Spyder3 sensor for proper calibration results.

For the latest info about our new OS X Lion installers and updates, please visit the following page.

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