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Summer is drawing
             to an end... 

Soon the green leaves you see will begin to fade to the warm colors of autumn, but there is still time seed your mind with valuable knowledge from Datacolor.


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Summer Special: free shipping on all
                     orders through August!

Datacolor is offering COOL saving for a hot summer. Order any Spyder product in the month of August and the shipping is on us.

When placing an order via our website, simply use the discount code


to receive your order without shipping costs.

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A question of balance

Every photographer is aware of the fact that the color temperature of light does affect color. Also a change in brightness of the environment results in changing contrasts. These light performances can be controlled by SpyderCheckr and SpyderCube which accompany the balance and let it incorporate into the workflow.

SpyderCheckr includes 48 color references, from bright white to weak and strong saturated colors, up to a deep black. These colors are used for reference-related software, to balance the color channels of the camera among each other. This ensures the colors to be represented faithfully and reliably.

SpyderCube provides reference values which you can't find in any other tool, to make a reliable contrast balance possible. You can differentiate between absolute white (chrome ball) and a structure with a white surface, which are used for the RAW setting of the exposure slider, so that the lights can be set up precisely. Furthermore SpyderCube has a structured black zone and a black trap of absolute black, which is always a searchable reference for the black slider of the Raw settings.

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OSX Lion Support for Spyder products

As a loyal Datacolor customer, your continued satisfaction in the use of our Spyder products is our primary focus in customer support. With the ever changing operating systems and compatibility issues that arise from system upgrades, we are committed to provide our customers with the necessary support required to continue using our proven color management tools.

So if you have a Spyder product and want to upgrade to the new Mac® OS X Lion (v 10.7) operating system, Datacolor will update your software to allow you to use your device with this new Apple® OS.

Please find out more on our website.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support center for help.

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Spyder goes Genova - Facebook Winner
               Cruise Photo Factory workshop

Manuela Accarpio is the lucky winner of our photo workshop in Genova.

In May, our Facebook fans were asked to post one of their images with the title "Spyder goes Genova" on our Facebook page. With over 50 votes Manuela's photo won. For a week she participated in the workshop of award-winning and globally renowned photographer Melissa Farlow (e.g. National Geographic magazine) although Manuela was 9th months pregnant! A strong performance! Have a look at the happy winner video.

If you want to know more about Cruise Photo Factory simply visit their Facebook page!

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Friend with Vision: David Tejada

Welcome to our new Friends With Vision member - David Tejada.

David is one of Colorado's most highly regarded location corporate photographers and internationally recognized for his dramatic and innovative photographic lighting techniques and graphic style.

With more than twenty seven years of shooting experience, David has developed a clear understanding of both corporate and designer needs. His work successfully integrates exciting color and strong graphic compositions to effectively communicate his client's message.

In addition, David is on tour in Europe with his workshop series "Small Strobes - Big Results". So if you want to participate in one of his one-day-flash workshops no matter whether you are a Canon / Nikon / Fuji / Sony photographer, you will find more information at the following link.

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