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Datacolor: "By photographers
        for photographers"

In keeping with our motto "By Photographers for Photographers", this issue includes a workshop with star photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich, a competition full of superlatives, plus lots of other interesting content.


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Competition: Photography workshop in Genova
                     with Cruise Photo Factory

Are you interested in photography workshops with top photographers in some of the world's most beautiful locations? Then take a look at the Cruise Photo Factory website. The innovative concept combines passion for photography with travel adventures on yachts and cruise liners. Joint photographic expeditions during the day, then learning from the professionals on board in the evenings - that promises to be a workshop experience of the highest caliber!

At the beginning of the Cruise Photo Factory workshop series, the organizers are offering workshops with National Geographic photographers Randy Olson, Mike Yamashita and Melissa Farlow in Genova, Italy, from June 19-25. Details are available at: http://cruisephotofactory.com/workshops.


Here's an exciting offer:

We are organizing a competition and the winner can take part in one of the workshops in Genova free of charge*. All you need to do to take part in this competition is to post one of your own pictures entitled "Spyder goes Genova" on our Spyder Facebook page. The winner will be the entry which receives the most "Like It" clicks between now and May 29. That leaves the winner sufficient time to plan his or her trip!

*The winner takes part in the workshop free of charge, travel costs to Genova are not included.

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Online seminar with
        star photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich

He is one of the best known nude photographers with 8 book publications and popular photographer of models, actors, sport stars and musicians. We are referring to the Austrian artist Andreas H. Bitesnich, who will be honoring us with his presence on June 21, 2011 for our free online seminar about color management; he will also be discussing the color challenges in the photographic workflow together with our professional trainer Oliver.

Andreas H. Bitesnich: "My pictures are highly graphical and I make very little use of accessories in my portraits and nude photography. Everything is greatly reduced. In fact, I seek to reduce my works to the lowest common denominator. In art it's often the case that people are most affected by it when it is pared down to the bare essentials. A key factor in this respect is the total mastery of both light and color."

You can look forward to a fascinating session with Andreas and Oliver. Make an advance booking now!

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Technical tip: the Spyder3Elite
               iterative gray balance function

Our technical tip for the month of May is addressed to all users of Spyder3Elite. It has come to the attention of the Spyder Support Team repeatedly that a lot of customers are not using the "iterative gray balance" option - which is integrated into Spyder3Elite - for the purpose of monitor calibration. When a user selects this form of calibration, the software detects the weakest points in the shades of gray and then keeps adding in further measuring points progressively until the color neutrality has been optimized. This type of precision extends the calibration to as much as 10 minutes, but the user is rewarded with perfects colors on the monitor.

For users who own a Spyder3Pro but would also like to make use of this function there is an upgrade capability which gives them the option of using the Spyder3Etile 4.0 software without having to purchase a new sensor.

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Friends with Vision: New prospects
                        with Eddie Lechleitner

Sightseeing in an unfamiliar city: this means a host of new impressions which later merge with one another to form a unique composition in the mind of the beholder. Eddie Lechleitner's exhibition entitled "In n'Around Zurich" demonstrates how this "cinema of the mind" can be turned into a fine art composition. His images of the city of Zurich reflect his personal journey: from aircraft mechanic to dyed-in-the-wool photographer. They are a symbiosis of technology, passion and the urgent desire to create something new.

Nowadays Eddie is a much sought-after photographer, specializing in advertising, fashion and portraits and constantly on the lookout for new perspectives and new artistic forms. Eddie is driven by the quest for the perfect image - even though he fears he may never find it. Examples of his work will be exhibited in the Alexander Räber Gallery in Zurich and can also be viewed on his website.

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REMINDER about the online seminar:
      High-Definition Photographs with
                    Datacolor and NIK Software

At 8 p.m. on May 25 our professional trainer Oliver will be dealing with the subject of "High-Definition Photographs" and explaining accurate autofocusing of the camera. Along with Oliver Bergmann of NIK Software, he will be demonstrating how images can be postprocessed to achieve optimal sharpness using the Sharpener Pro 3.0 software. In this case the target group is photographers and image editors. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and to share one's own experience in this field. For additional information and registration forms please refer here.

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