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Happy Easter from Datacolor!

The Easter Bunny has arrived early this Spring to present us an award for the SpyderLensCal. To celebrate, we would like to give our supporters a fantastic Easter offer on this award-winning product.


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SpyderLensCal Easter Special

Until April 29th, we are offering free shipping for the SpyderLensCal and every purchase will come with a free protective bag!

Place your order for € 49.- (plus VAT) using the discount code:


on our Order page.

For those, who don`t know SpyderLensCal yet, just watch the introduction video or read the independent product reviews from The Apple Press and The Digital Picture.

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Silver Award for the SpyderLensCal

Passion for photography speaks the same language around the Globe: South-east Asia's premier consumer technology publication "Hardware Magazine" (HWM) from Singapore has awarded the SpyderLensCal with a silver medal award (with a score of 8 out of 10). HWM quotes: "For the amateur photographer, getting your focus right can be tricky. Datacolor's SpyderLensCal aims to help you correct such problems. This is an invaluable tool to have, as [photographers] now have a proper reference target to base any adjustments on."

Thank you HWM for a great review and product award! It's great to hear that photographers around the world are using our tools.

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Webinar: Razor Sharp Images with
                   Datacolor and NIK Software

Our free webinars have been extremely popular, so we now want to enhance our content even further to include useful solutions for streamlining your phototgraphic workflow.

On the 25th May at 8pm, our pro-trainer Oliver will show you how to make autofocus micro-adjustments on camera and lens combinations. In addition, Boris Bergmann from NIK Software will introduce the Sharpener Pro 3.0 software for your post-processing.

If you are a photographer or a general creative sort, this webinar could be beneficial for you and your workflow. The webinar will also give you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any individual challenges that you may be experiencing.

For further information and to register for the webinar, please visit this link.

Webinar Archive

We now have an online archive of all of our recorded webinars, which can be accessed anytime. So make sure you stop by regulary to enhance your imaging knowledge.

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Does color management operate in a web browser?

(Both picture look the same? Your browser reads ICC information from the file)

Is your monitor calibrated and your images are showing accurate colors but not in every application on your computer? One critical element to consider is the web browser that you are using.

Even if the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 has a color management feature - it will only read the included profile from an example image, meaning it is unable to display your monitor profile.

The new generations of Safari and Firefox are proven to provide better results. You can read a comprehensive analysis from photographer Gary Ballard on this topic on his blog.

Gary also provides you with an overview of which plug-ins to download.

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Friends with Vision:
       New York Nightlife with Nikola Tamindzic

Nikola Tamindzic, 35, is New York's most in demand nightlife photographer. He often begins working at 1:30am, a time when party people and night crawlers have lost their inhibitions and are feeling elation. "My pictures suggest a story that happened before the shot and a story that hasn't happened yet," Nikola said.

His work can be viewed on his own site, homeofthevain.com and the New York Times has also written a long article on Nikola Tamindzic with the title: A Chronicler of Night-Life Melancholy.

Nikola is also involved in classic photopgraphy, such as fashion and portraits, but you will always find his unique story-telling signature in his work.

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