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"Hot One" Award for SpyderCheckr

There are products that just perfectly reflect the times they came to be in, such as our SpyderCheckr – just recently introduced and already presented with the Professional Photographer Magazine's "Hot One" award. The reason for this is simple: despite the digitalization of photography and image editing, the handling of colors has not gotten easier. Although working in RAW mode offers full flexibility in terms of colors, the freedom that comes with that often leads to long image editing times.

This is where SpyderCheckr comes to the rescue, to provide color reference values for the RAW process. During the import of the RAW files, SpyderCheckr allows you to make a white balance adjustments and, using 48 specially developed target fields, to create an overall color target for further processing in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Camera RAW. This reduces image editing times significantly, which is particularly beneficial when working with a series of shots or images that were taken under consistent lighting conditions. Anybody wanting to achieve natural colors, such as skin tones in portraits, should begin a shoot with SpyderCheckr targets. To ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your SpyderCheckr for years to come, the target charts can be easily removed and replaced, should the need ever arise, for example because of fading due to too much direct sun light exposure.

To demonstrate all the features, we have created an introduction video that we’d like to show you here:

Datacolor SpyderCheckr Video

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The Datacolor Support Team

Datacolor doesn’t only offer the matching product for your creative goals, we also try to provide as much technical support to our users as possible. The Datacolor support pages offer a comprehensive knowledge area, which, apart from extensive product information, also offer free web seminars, video tutorials and more information about color management.

Users can get individual support by calling our free hotline at 0800 700 800 70 or by using the ticketing system on our website. Here our customers can send their inquiry in a ticket, and then receive an e-mail response or a phone call from us. The datacolor support team, consisting of Oliver, Raphael, Carsten, Ruben, Ray and Ben answer hundreds of question this way every week.

Good job! We wanted to use this opportunity to thank our support team!

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Datacolor on Tour

The Datacolor team isn’t only there for you virtually, but also in person, somewhere near you. We will be present with our distributors at the following shows, where you’ll have the opportunity to try Datacolor products thoroughly and get your questions answered. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

23. - 27. März 2011 - Sonimagfoto (Stand C345) / Barcelona, Spain (www.sonimagfoto.com)
25. - 28. März 2011 - Fotoshow (Stand F36 / E47 Pad. 3) / Milano, Italy (www.photoshot.it)
12. - 14. Mai 2011 - Professional Imaging / Zürich, Switzerland (www.professiona-imaging.ch)

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Datacolor Sponsors Photography Trip to Kiew

Together with Canon and Epson, Datacolor sponsors the Photo Training Travel Workshops of Atelier de Imagem. The Portuguese photo institute is planning a foto trip to Kiew this year and will be offering model and street photography workshops, including a digital darkroom session afterwards. The workshops will be held over a course of five days and will provide plenty of opportunity to share your passion for photography with others.

Information about the photo trip to Kiew can be found here.

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Friends with Vision: Rolf Nachbar’s Passion for Photography and Vintage Cars

There are jobs that make your heart jump and your hands sweat. That’s how Rolf Nachbar felt when he was asked to stage two Porsche 365 Carrera 2 from Friedrich W. Dauphin’s collection for a first-class vintage car calendar. Despite his passion for vintage cars, Rolf also saw himself confronted with the tough reality of having to pull the shoot off within eight hours in an industrial location with difficult lighting conditions and with the results having to look as if the cars hadn’t been lit artificially. Hence he showed up with a big team and a van full of lighting and capturing equipment. Also with him: SpyderCube and SpyderCheckr.

Rolf Nachbar: "In a production with such a short time frame the technology plays a crucial role. Nothing may go wrong, nothing can be repeated. That’s why I don’t only rely on my team, but also on a perfect workflow. My most important guarantee for correct colors and contrasts during the shoot are the Datacolor tools: SpyderCube for contrast control and the new SpyderCheckr for perfect color balance. Within just a few steps, right on location, SpyderCheckr neutralizes all the various effects of lights, the location, my lenses and the used camera bodies. The shots from the Canon 1Ds, Mk3, the 5D MK2 and the Sinar Hy6 with Sinarback can all be mixed within one series – without color deviations. I can work in Adobe Lightroom with a preset that was created on location, and I’ll see exactly with what kind of material I’ll go into post production later."

The results of what Rolf and his team pulled off within eight hours can be marveled at on his website www.nachbar.de and at www.oldiegraphie.de. The calendar, titled “Verabredung zweier Koenigskinder” (“The Rendezvous of two King’s Children”), can be ordered at www.dauphinspeedevent.de.

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Friends With Vision Relaunch

Datacolor presents the new look of “Friends With Vision”. Visit www.friendswithvision.net and discover professional artists that share their passion for photography with us. If you would also like to become a “Friend With Vision”, please e-mail us at friend@datacolor.eu.

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