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Datacolor 2011

We hope that you had a good start to 2011 and are now ready to acquire new skills for the upcoming photography season!

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New Free Webinars

It's time to say goodbye to the winter and hello to our free webinars. Oliver, our pro-trainer has set up new sessions to support you with your camera, monitor and printer. So if you want to learn how to get correct colors during shooting and in post-processing, then check out the webinar calendar for details.

   08.02.2011:  Professional print quality with your own color printer - Spyder3Print SR
   28.02.2011:  Monitor calibration - Spyder3Express/Pro/Elite
   15.03.2011:  Shade guide for your camera - SpyderCheckr
   30.03.2011:  Being color-ready for photo shoots - SpyderCube
   11.04.2011:  Assure correct colors from print services
   19.04.2011:  Razor sharp images with a calibrated autofocus - with SpyderLensCal

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SpyderCube - The RAW Accelerator

Many of you asked for an explanation on how to use the SpyderCube™ and what the benefits of the products are exactly. Okay, your wish is our command and here is our elevator pitch:

"As a photographer, you know the challenges in finding the right settings for different light conditions. Whether you shoot in a studio or outdoors, if you are not able to analyze the light situation in your image, you won't get quality results. Therefore, we created SpyderCube to accelerate post-processing by providing references for white balance, exposure, black level and brightness."

To make a long story short, we created an introduction video to show you the SpyderCube benefits for post-processing. It`s worth a watch right to the end ;-)

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Professional Appearance
                  For Your Calibration System

If you have purchased Spyder solutions for print profiling and monitor calibration separately, we are offering you the official metal case to carry and store your complete solution securely.

With a soft foam, padded inside and stamped shapes for your hardware, your Spyders will be protected against dirt and damages, and the case will give you a professional appearance wherever you go.

You can purchase the case for 35,- Euro (excl. VAT) via this link.

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Friends with Vision:
               Andrea Pistolesi's PadPlaces

Andrea Pistolesi makes a compelling case for why we call this section "Friends with Vision": The Italian photographer has created a new way to distribute photo stories and documentary reportages on the iPad.

Andrea Pistolesi:

"iPad has changed the way editorial publications are distributed. PadPlaces allows users to show full stories in the style and sequence that represent the original author's idea and work, and not just the selection published by magazines . This can even be done before being published in a magazine: when a story is ready, I can make it available in PadPlaces straight away. Just think about a story such as the Bangkok Revolution - it can be updated in real time! 
For a small price, that will depend on the quality and number of images, you can download and store the full stories for future review on you tablet."

Discover PadPlaces at: www.padplaces.com and share Andrea`s vision.

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