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Dear Spyder3Elite owner!

We hope you are happy with your Datacolor calibration system and that you are achieving color accuracy on your display and along your digital workflow.

If you want to make more out of your Spyder3Elite and gain even more control, then have a look on our new Software: Spyder3Elite 4.0.

This major software upgrade provides you brand new features to optimize your hardware.

With the new Monitor Quality Analyzer you can measure the uniformity of your screen, with the Display Graphing you will see how your screen gamut compares, the Iterative Gray Balance will help you to improve the most critical graduation areas and the Software Brightness Control allows you automated brightness adjustment even on displays with limited controls (e.g. 20" and 24" iMacs).

Just check out our website for further information and see for yourself that this the upgrade you have waiting for.

The upgrade is for free for all owners, who bought their Spyder3Elite in 2010!

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