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We’re extending color management to the camera!

SpyderCheckr should be your first shot for accurate color.

After the click of the camera, the mind starts ticking away: Did I make the right settings for my lighting conditions? Are the colors accurate or will I have to spend a lot of time on color correction later?

Forget those worries! SpyderCheckr is here, the color reference solution for your camera!

If you want to gain control over colors even while you’re shooting and minimize hours of editing afterwards make SpyderCheckr’s 48-color targets the first shot and create a color profile for all your cameras.
Each of the 48 colors represents the spectral formulation of natural objects such as blue skies, green grass and an extensive array of skin tones. Each color reflects light like its real-world counterpart under all lighting conditions.

The included software guides you through the RAW calibration process within minutes and generates the desired color correction file for the digital workflow in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements or Camera Raw. That way the color corrections are applied already during the RAW import and the photographer is rewarded with consistent and reproducible color results.

This eco-friendly Color Reference tool has a sturdy folding case to protect your investment and is Tri-Pod mountable for convenient use anywhere. There’s even a fade indicator that tells you when it’s time to replace your color targets.

SpyderCheckrPro - includes SpyderCube

The SpyderCheckrPro package also includes SpyderCube for capturing custom white balance, neutrality data from multiple lightsources and correcting highlight and shadow details. Together SpyderCheckr and SpyderCube offer a comprehensive solution for camera and scene color control.

SpyderCheckr presentation at photokina.TV

And if you want to be among the first to rely on accurate colors on your camera you can pre-order SpyderCheckr now for 115 Euros and SpyderCheckrPro for 145 Euros (both prices plus VAT) at www.datacolor.eu. They will become officially available in retail stores mid of October 2010.

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