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Can We Have Your Attention Please!!
We’ve got a brand new product called SpyderLensCal and it will help you calibrate the autofocus of your DSLR with your favorite lenses!

Did you know, almost all autofocus systems in DSLR cameras and lenses are manufactured within certain allowed tolerances? If born lucky, your camera body and lens have the same tolerance data and work fine together. But if not, we are providing you a fast and reliable method to measure and adjust the focus performance of your camera and lens combinations. If you are the owner of a DSLR with autofocus micro adjustment* feature, than you have the ability to save the settings for each lens on your camera.

If you ever experienced front or back focusing issues then you know that the only professional solution is to send the camera body and lens to the manufacturer to have them calibrated together. And everyone knows this is time-consuming and costly and must be done with every newly purchased lens.

But now, you can do it on your own with Spyder LensCal!
Just check out the Video to see how it works or join our webinar for further information.

Andreas H. Bitesnich about SpyderLensCal:

"After introducing the SpyderLensCal to my students we were all surprised at how many of the camera/lens combinations were not accurate. Everyone was excited to try the SpyderLensCal and save their corrected autofocus. This is another tool in the Spyder line loved by photographers."

If you want to see the SpyderLensCal live, then visit us at Photokina (Hall 4.1 Stand F019/E010) in Cologne, Germany from September 21-26 and we will calibrate the autofocus of your favorite camera/lens combination. We have 100 free tickets for the photokina tradeshow so just drop us an email quickly, as it's first come first serve!

* The new generation of DSLR cameras like the Canon 50D, 7D, 5D MkII, 1D MkIII, 1D MkIV, 1Ds MKIII, 1DIV; Nikon D300, D300s, D700, D3, D3s, D3x; Sony A850, A900; Olympus E-30, E-620; Pentax K7, K20 have a 'lens micro calibration' feature.

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