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   June News from Datacolor
Football World Cup: 
Win a set of our beloved Red/Green/Blue T-Shirts!

The biggest party of the year, the Football World Cup in South Africa, is now only days away and will officially start on 11 June. In many countries it'll be an event that'll make people forget their problems for a little while and bring the world just a little bit closer together. We at Datacolor are very much looking forward to this spectacle; as a very international company, we also pride ourselves on uniting people from various cultural backgrounds in our team. We've asked 9 of its members to send a message to their countries in their respective language. When one of those countries has a match in the world cup coming up, you can place a bet on the outcome on our Facebook page. If you're right, you win a set of our beloved Red/Green/Blue t-shirts. Join in the fun; bring color into your life!

Every correctly guessed result wins; so be sure to let your friends know too!

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Datacolor at the New York Photo Festival 2010

We attended the New York Photo Festival from the 12th to 16th of May and we're excited to share our experience with you!

If you want to know what New Yorkers have to say about their city, where the "Hidden Stories" by Lou Reed could be hiding or just check out everything else we saw then visit our "Real New York" blog. The "city that never sleeps" lived up to its name during our stay and we felt the creative energy of New York everywhere.


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A Friend With Vision
Bruno Bisang

This Friend of Vision does not really need any introduction. In the world of professional photography Bruno Bisang's name is as renowned as the names of his models and clients are to the rest of the world. The Swiss-born photographer has been working independently for more than 30 years now; with models like Monica Bellucci, Claudia Schiffer, Carla Bruni Sarkozy, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Ornella Muti,… The list goes on and on - just like the list of his big name clients, which includes Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Max, GQ, Chanel, Triumpf, Palmers and many more. Bruno works in various genres: fashion, glamour, advertising and certainly not least, fine art.

Bruno's official website features not only a substantial gallery that shows many of his works in the fashion, glamour or advertising genre (as well as a particularly interesting series of ambient shots); visitors also get to explore his fantastic fine art images. Those alone make a visit more than worthwhile; the backstage videos in some of the galleries, which give a bit of an idea of what it's like to be on location with Bruno Bisang, are of course a welcome bonus.

The link to his site and those of many other Friends With Vision can be found here.

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Expert Advice
Smoothest, Most Neutral Grays on Screen

The best possible gray balance all the way from black to white is something that black and white photographers, and lots of other users, care a great deal about. And it is proving to be the top feature addition in the new Spyder3Elite v4.0 software. As Northlight Images put it in their review: "The Spyder3 Elite package was pretty good as it was, so what is there that you should consider upgrading for? The key difference I noticed was the iterative grey balance - this was most noticeable on my laptop, but even the Apple Cinema display showed a perceptible improvement in a couple of areas of a smooth greyscale ramp. The other differences amounted mainly to ease of use features, such as not having to try and tweak the brightness of my display via a control panel, while I'm running the software."

To use this new feature, just set the gray balance pop-down list to iterativei, and allow the calibration process to run to completion, which will take a bit longer, with the iterative processing. If you have Elite v4.0, and haven't tried this, definitely give it a shot; if you haven't updated to v4.0 yet, than this may be the feature that will inspire you to do so.

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Photoshop Tip Of The Month
Colors Settings and Printing in Photoshop CS5

There are changes to the menus and commands in the new Photoshop CS5, so here's a quick guide to managing color in this new version of Photoshop:

CS5's Color Settings are in the same location as previous versions. Be sure that you have appropriate color settings, including a Photoshop working space as your RGB space, not your display profile!

Print Settings are now set before printing, and are retained for future prints. Access them from the new Print Settings button.

Your printer driver's settings should offer some version of No Color Adjustment; though you may have to look around to find it. If its not there, try downloading the latest driver for your printer, and installing it.

Once you are ready to print, be sure to choose your custom printer profile in CS5's print dialog box, and set Photoshop Managed Color to be sure that the profile you choose is the only one applied.

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