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   December News from Datacolor
Just in time for Christmas:
Spyder3Print SR is now available!

t not only makes the perfect gift for anybody who's passionate about photography, it can also help you create your own gifts for the Holidays. Check out the great ideas we have for sharing and gifting in this issue. Since Spyder3Print SR can read continuous patches, printer profiling gets a whole lot quicker and easier with it, without sacrificing precision. Spyder3Print SR uses the same spectrocolorimeter that is included in our professional Spyder3Studio SR package, but it is now available as a stand alone product. So if you're calibrating your monitor already but want to get serious about doing your own printing, now is the time to get great color prints! We also cover in this issue:
We hope you enjoy this issue and, as always, would love to get your feedback! Happy Holidays!

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Home made prints make the perfect gift...
...as longs as the colors are perfect!

The holiday spirit has definitely settled upon us here at Datacolor. And since we're passionate photographers, we usually can't help but give away some of our images as gifts to our friends and families; may it be in the form of Christmas cards, calendars or even entire photo books. Luckily, we keep our calibration tools always nearby...

Eliane, for example, is doing her own Holiday cards this year and hasn't only avoided many nerve-wrecking hours of trial-and-error printing, but has also saved lots of paper, by using Spyder3Studio SR to calibrate her screen and to create a profile for her printer. She was done with it in no time, and now the colors match perfectly from screen to print.

Friends and Family of Jean-Francois can look forward to getting one of the calendars he designed for them this year. Before he uploaded the files to the print service, he made sure that the final result would match what he saw when editing the images on the screen, by using Spyder3 and the Soft-proof feature.

So, remember: Before editing any images, always calibrate your screen first and profile your printer before printing them. It will not only save you lots of paper, ink and money, but will also help to keep you relaxed while everybody else is stressed out and busy with last minute to-dos before the Holidays!

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A Friend With Vision
Lara Jade

Lara Jade is one of these rare, inexplicable phenomena in the world of photography. After looking at her images you might be surprised to learn that the very talented british photographer has been shooting for only five years now. However, you'll probably be even more surprised, that she started at the age of around 14. Yes, Lara Jade is 19 years young - yet she creates artworks that show a level of talent and variety that few photographers can ever hope to achieve.

Lara gets her inspiration from almost anything, she says, but it's mostly "music, movies, stories and the old masters in painting and photography". Her first experience with photography was at school, during her secondary education, where she would research photography for her projects. She came across photography websites and got inspired to try it herself. After a year of college Lara started making money with model portfolios, and after a year of that, the then 17 year old registered her business "Lara Jade Photography". She kept shooting model portfolios and did various shoots for dancers, actors, singers and bands.

Today Lara is represented by the Milan agency Sudest57. The list of her clients includes brands, agencies, publishers and artists from all over the world and goes on and on, just like the list of magazines and online publications she's been featured in.

We highly recommend paying Lara's website a visit. A link to that and profiles of our other Friends With Vision can be found here.

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Expert Advice
Profile Your Printer Even Faster

With Spyder3Print SR, profiling your printer doesn't only become more accurate, it also becomes much easier and quicker to do. Put it on the first patch, push the button and, using SpyderGuide, slide it steadily and error-free over the rest of the row. Measuring an entire row is only a matter of seconds.

How it all works in detail is not only explained step-by-step in the software. We'll also show in two free online seminars on the...

15th and the 17th of December, at 6.00 PM,

...how easy it is to get best possible colors out of your printer. The online seminars are about 45 minutes long; at the end of each one, there's time for any remaining questions on the matter.

Since the number of allowed participants will be limited, we recommend to sign up as soon as possible!

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Photoshop Tip of the Month
Simply reduce the noise of your images

As you may know, we've already put together quite a nice collection of free Photoshop Action for our subscribers. This month's addition to that collection is to reduce the noise in your images. So please deactivate the internal flash of your camera and make pictures just with available light. You can easily reduce the noise because of a higher ISO setting. Your images will look much warmer, and natural, than using a flash light.

Just open up a noisy photo in Photoshop, click the play button in the Action window and voilà; you've got a brush to remove the noise in your pictures. A download link and a quick manual on how to use these Action are available here.

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