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   Announcing the brand new Spyder3Express™
All you need for true colors on your monitor!

If you find yourself working on an uncalibrated monitor chances are, that it is because you find the process of calibrating too technical, difficult or time consuming. Wouldn't it be nice if you could purchase a calibration devise, that would calibrate your monitor to a beautiful accurate image without all the technical hassle?

Well look no further! With the introduction of the new Spyder3Express™, Datacolor has created a calibration unit as accurate and sexy as the rest of the Spyder™ range, but super easy to use. With true one step calibration, you can now calibrate your monitor without having to make any technical decisions. You only have to tell the software, if you are calibrating a notebook/LCD or an old-school CRT monitor and the rest is automated. It's that simple!

A calibrated monitor not only brings you the correct color and contrast it produces a much more beautiful image, saves energy and increase the life of your monitor. The Spyder3Express™ is made for the casual computer user that uses the computer for digital photography, home videos or web browsing. It has never been easier to achieve correct colors, and take full benefit of your digital camera or camcorder.

Spyder3Express is now available at €85,-*
*Excl. VAT and shipping cost.

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Trade-in campaign...
...destroy your old sensor and upgrade to Spyder3Express™

Together with the introduction of the Spyder3Express™ Datacolor is giving anyone with an older datacolor screen calibrator or another brand the opportunity to exchange it to the Spyder3Express™ with a 30% trade-in discount. On a trade-in campaign you usually have to send in the old devise to obtain the rebate. At Datacolor we like the environment, so to save the added transport of old devices which we are going to destroy, we ask you to destroy it yourselves. Yes, we mean it! Take that old calibration unit out on the pavement and give it a spin, jump on it, shoot it, run it over with you car, cut the usb cable in one thousand pieces, simply destroy it! But remember to keep a few pieces for a photo!

Then send us a digital image of the destroyed calibration devise together with the serial number to this e-mail address


We will return a unique 30% discount code to you that can be used on our web shop. The discount is unique to you, and can only be used once towards the order of a new Spyder3Express™ from Datacolor. The trade-in campaign is also available at participating retail stores.


Which products are valid for the trade-in campaign?

Every kind of monitor calibration device (for instance Spyder2express, Huey, Eye-one….you name it, we trade it - as long as it is destroyed)

How long does the trade-in campaign run?
We accept entries to the trade-in campaign till the middle of December. You need to send the e-mail with the image and serial number of your old device before December 15th 2009.

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