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   Offer for Spyder3Pro & Elite Users
Spyder3 to Spyder3TV Upgrade:
Calibrate your home theater!*

If you own a Datacolor Spyder3Pro or Spyder3Elite, you can now benefit even more from it and use it to calibrate your home theater. All you need to do so is the Spyder3TV Upgrade.

Spyder3TV delivers an easy-to-use solution for optimizing all the TVs in your house so you can see your pictures as the director intended. Spyder3TV scientifically calculates the correct adjustments to brightness, contrast, color, tint and temperature, but is very simple to use. Don't rely on your TV's factory settings and don't guess at what the correct settings are. Take control of your home theater experience and you'll be amazed at the vivid colors you can achieve by doing a calibration. Color calibration can save on your display's energy consumption and extends the life of your TV. The Spyder3TV Upgrade is available in two different versions:

Spyder3TV Software Upgrade with physical CD and DVDs:

  • What you get: Spyder3TV serial number, physical Software CD, Test Pattern DVDs and Quick Start Guide.
  • What you will need: A Spyder3 Sensor, a TV with DVD player, a Windows Computer

Buy this upgrade now for € 65,00 (excl. VAT)

Spyder3TV Software Upgrade for downloads:

  • What you get: Spyder3TV serial number, link to download software and Test Pattern DVDs.
  • What you will need: A Spyder3 Sensor, a TV with DVD player, a Windows Computer, DVD Writer and DVD recordables.

Buy this upgrade now for € 50,00 (excl. VAT)

If you want to get more information please click here to learn more about Spyder3TV!

*Spyder3TV calibrates all of your Plasma, RPTV, DLP, LCD, CRT TVs and Front Projectors. You must own a Spyder3Pro or Spyder3Elite to purchase this upgrade to Spyder3TV software.

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