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   July News von Datacolor
Enjoy a photographic
...with festivals, workshops and an
                                          awesome photo book!

This summer is packed with photography events throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Therefore, we've compiled a short list of our favorite festivals and workshops for you in this month's issue. Have a quick look, maybe we can help you decide where to go this year, or maybe you're traveling near one of the locations anyway. Here's the full list of what we have for you this month:
  1. Colors of my Life - The Blurb book with images from our readers is finally here!
  2. Where the photographic action is - international festivals & workshops.
  3. Friend With Vision - Dean Zulich: very good friend and awesome photographer.
  4. Expert Advice - Update your Spyder3 software to 3.1.
  5. Photoshop Tip of the Month - How to put your colors in overdrive.
Enjoy your photographic summer! We'd love to hear from you, just drop us an e-mail.

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Colors of my Life
The book is here!

We've kept you waiting long enough. Today, we finally and proudly present to you: "The Colors of my Life".

As you might know, we had invited readers to send us two images that portray the colors of their life best. From the tons and tons of images, the jury had the difficult job of selecting only 60 photos, from 30 different photographers, to be featured in the Blurb book "The Colors of my Life". Now that book is finally available! We want to thank and congratulate everybody who contributed to it - we adore your talent and absolutely love the result.

By buying "The Colors of my Life", you support the HOPE FOR CHILDREN organization and their Children's Village in Chile, "Las Mariposas". You can buy the book at blurb.com.

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Where the photographic action is
International festivals & workshops

If you're anything like us, you never take a holiday from photography. Where you go, your camera goes, right? Well, if you really want to make the most out of your holiday and even add some extra photography flair to it at the same time, you should visit one of the great photography festivals or workshops that are going on this summer. We've compiled a short list of our favorite ones for you:

Our Friend With Vision
Dean Zulich

We have a lot of very good Friends With Vision, and Dean Zulich is definitely one of our best. Not only did he graduate with honors from the Art Institute of Seattle Photography Program in March 2007, he also won fifteen different photography scholarships and contests along the way.

Dean's focus is on conceptual fashion, advertising and celebrity photography. And ever since he received the Best Portfolio of the Show award at his graduation, his career has thrived: In December 2007, he was the runner up on Vh1's reality show "The Shot, America's search for the next great fashion photographer". In both 2006, 2007 and 2008 he was the finalist in the Digital Photo Pro Magazine's merging Pro Contest. And in May 2008, he was inducted into the Art Institute Alumni Hall Of Fame. Dean has photographed likes of Joss Stone, Ricki Lake, Victoria Secret's supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio, Marissa Miler and Miranda Kerr, Seattle Seahawks, Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas, Jamie Lee Curtis etc.

If he is not on assignment, Dean teaches workshops and shares his inspiration with fellow photographers worldwide. You can find a link to his website in our Friends With Vision section at www.datacolor.eu/fwv.

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Expert Advice
Update your Spyder3 software to 3.1

Before we've let our software developers leave our labs to enjoy their well deserved summer holiday, we've had them finish up a software update for our Spyder3 users. The free Spyder3Elite 3.1 software update offers improved ease of use and Integrated Luminance Control, including:

  • Easy Luminance Control: no longer an advanced-only feature
  • Easy Access to Expert Console: now accessible directly from Wizard workflow
  • Easy Access to non-Gamma Target options: Now available in Gamma pop-down list
  • New Datacolor Software Acivation system. Activation is required to install and run this upgrade.
The free software updates for Spyder3Elite and Spyder3Pro are now available in our download-section!

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Photoshop Tip of the Month
Put your colors in overdrive

Many still remember how that was being done best in times of analog photography - the magic words were: Fuji Velvia. It was simply stunning how the colors of those film strips were glowing off of the projection-screen. To get some of that color magic back today (although not using a slide projector) with just a few clicks, you can use the latest Photoshop Action we've created for you.

A download link and a quick manual on how to use these Actions are available here.

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