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   April News from Datacolor
Bring your photos
 into the real world.
It's all about printing...

65% of digital camera owners stated that they print less than a quarter of all the images they take. In other words, millions and millions of photos end up somewhere in the digital abyss of countless hard drives every year, never to be brought to paper or to feel the warm 6‘500K glow of daylight through the glass of a picture frame. How sad is that? That is why the main theme of this month's newsletter is printing:
  1. Huge price cuts - Spyder3Studio (and Spyder3TV) now more affordable than ever.
  2. "The Colors of my Life" - an introduction to the main winners who've made it into the book.
  3. Friends With Vision: August Bradley tells his stories through photography.
  4. New free tutorial available: A step-by-step guide to printing with profiles.
  5. Sharpen your images for print - use our free Photoshop tool.
Enjoy this month's issue! And if you've got any feedback for us, please drop us an e-mail!

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Screens, projectors, prints - 
   color control more affordable than ever...
...Spyder3Studio now available for 395€ (excl. VAT)!

Some of you might have already noticed this from our website and might have thought it was an April Fool's joke. Well, it isn't - these new prices are here to stay! Both our monitor / printer combo Spyder3Studio and our home theater calibration Spyder3TV have just become much more affordable. Spyder3Studio, which combines the Spyder3Elite display calibration tool for professional photographers and studios with the spectrocolorimeter based high-end printer profiling solution Spyder3Print, is now 395€, down from 449€ (both excl. VAT).

And if you haven't looked into TV / home theater calibration yet, you should definitely check out the features and new pricing of Sypder3TV, which used to be 129€ and is now available for 85€ (both excl. VAT). Spyder3TV delivers an easy-to-use solution for optimizing all the TVs and projectors in your house. To get a full description, visit our web store:

Spyder3Studio - no longer 449€. New price: 395€ (both excl. VAT).

Spyder3TV - no longer 129€. New price: 85€ (both excl. VAT).
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The story of three talented photographers...
...and the colors of their lives.

If you've seen the last few issues of this newsletter, you are probably aware of a contest that we held recently, called "The Colors of my Life". We invited readers to send us two images that portray the colors of their life best - and the response was simply overwhelming. Seriously; some mind-blowing artwork was sent to us, and we can't wait to present you the art book that has come out of this project! We are producing this book in collaboration with Blurb. Blurb is a company that believes passionately in the power of books: making, reading, sharing, and selling them. Blurb's creative publishing service is simple and smart enough to make anyone an author.

We are currently in production of the book, and although we have not published it yet we thought we would share with you the names of the three main winners:

First place went to Alice Lemarin. She's a young French photo artist who started doing photography only four years ago, which will be hard to believe once you've seen her images. The mystery and curiosity that they evoke have immediately captured us.

Already an accomplished musician, Jean-Christophe Satoris, can now add published, award winning (second place) photographer. Quite an accomplishment for someone who only picked up a camera in 2005. Again, we find it astonishing what a short amount of time it can take a natural talent to achieve a skill level as high as his.

Third place was won by François-Xavier Laurent, who inherited his passion for photography from his grandfather and his father 20 years ago. In 2008 he finally started doing it professionally. After we saw the two images from his series titled "Colors of the Night", it was no surprise to us, that this isn't the first photography contest he has won.

Look forward to the Blurb book "The Colors of My Life"; it'll be finished and available soon!

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Our Friend With Vision
August Bradley

August Bradley creates distinctive conceptual images with an artistic feel and a sense of drama and mystery. His objective is to tell stories, he says, and using a camera to do it is only logical for him. Being a photographer's son, he got in touch with the medium and began studying it early.

Today, August works for clients ranging from designer labels to consumer brands to lifestyle magazines, as well as producing images for gallery exhibition. He was recently selected as a "Hasselblad Master" and his work has been included in the 2009 and 2008 editions of the Graphis Photo Annual featuring "The Year's Best Photographs". You can find a link to August's website, and information on all our other Friends With Vision at www.datacolor.eu/fwv.

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Expert Advice:
A step-by-step guide to printing with profiles.

Printing professionally, i.e. with custom printer profiles, isn't a particularly easy process for everybody, especially if you've just started working with your own profiles. Even experienced users sometimes have some unanswered questions and are not entirely sure that they're taking all the right steps. The ease of use of the Spyder3Print software certainly makes it all a lot easier, but that can of course not replace a full guide to the entire color management workflow that you need in place for editing and printing images properly. The process that ensures that you're doing everything right, basically consists of four steps:

  1. Calibrate your monitor using Spyder3Elite or Spyder3Pro.
  2. Profile your printer using Spyder3Print.
  3. Make a soft proof in Photoshop to simulate the printed picture.
  4. Print an image with your own, customized printer profile.
We've now covered all of these steps, with detailed descriptions for each one of them, in a new step-by-step guide. Get it from our website's learning section for free!

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Photoshop Tip of the Month
Free tool for sharpening images for print.

You've probably run into this many times: What looked just perfectly crisp and clear on the screen somehow just lost a lot of its sharpness on the print. This is because images should always be sharpened a little bit differently, i.e. a little bit more, for print than for screen use. After doing that, the final result on the screen often looks even "oversharpend". The actual print, which has a higher resolution, justifies the effort though.

Therefore, we've once again come up with a free new Photoshop action for you to download. This one allows you to sharpen your images specifically for preparing them for print. You can find the tool and instructions on how to use it here.

And if you've missed some of our previous free tool downloads, you can find them all here!

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