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Datacolor Releases Spyder5STUDIO Calibration Suite for Photographers

New suite of color management tools that ensures control of color workflow from capture, to edit, to print Lawrenceville, NJ – September 10, 2015 – Datacolor, a global leader in color management solutions, today announced the release of Spyder5STUDIO, the next generation of its popular color calibration solution suite designed to color manage digital photo […]

APH Networks: Datacolor Spyder5PRO Review

APHNetworks.com Published August 7, 2015 Jonathan Kwan Here at APH Networks, we love to tell stories in the introduction of our reviews. I am not entirely sure how this started, but this tradition became one of our unique aspects after being in the industry for the last ten years. There are usually quite a number […]

Photoshop User: Spyder5ELITE Receives a 5 Star Review

Photoshop User Published July, 2015 By Steve Baczewski If you’ve resisted profiling and calibrating your display, this might be a good time to get your feet wet. Datacolor offers three levels of their new Spyder5 colorimeters with the Spyder5ELITE being their high-end model. The Elite will make your display sit up and pay attention by […]

Los Angeles Times – Father’s Day Photography Gift List 2015

Los Angeles Times Published June 2015 By Robert Lachman It’s probably no surprise that there are so many great photography gift ideas for Father’s Day. The technology keeps improving so dramatically each year, making most of your gear obsolete, so there continues to be plenty of great options for the special dad in your life. […]

Professional Photographer: Precision Calibration – Spyder5ELITE

Professional Photographer Published June 2015 By Stan Sholik Color management is essential throughout the workflow for both still and video production. The process begins with a color-managed monitor; although these days it’s likely to be multiple monitors and separate workstations for still and video work, with all studio monitors color managed to the same standard. […]

TechRadar: Spyder5ELITE Review

TechRadar.com Published May, 2015 The Spyder5 Elite is an excellent tool for graphics and video professionals working in studio environments demanding accurate color, contrast and saturation from their work. Compact enough for easy portability when traveling, the Spyder5 Elite not only lets you calibrate, check for calibration and quickly recalibrate, but it also provides tools […]

Outdoor Photographer adds Spyder5 Screen Calibration to their In Focus – June Gear list

Outdoor Photographer Published June 2015 To ensure the colors in your print are the same as what you viewed on your monitor while processing your digital image, it’s important to calibrate your monitor. Datacolor has released the redesigned portable Spyder5 calibration system with a 7-detector optical engine for increased tonal response, accurate shadow detail and […]

Popular Photography: Datacolor updates its Spyder line of calibration tools

Photographers who don’t print may never think about the accuracy of their computer screens. But anyone who wants to ensure their photos look the way they should in print or on other devices must calibrate their monitor.

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