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Popular Photography: Datacolor updates its Spyder line of calibration tools

Photographers who don’t print may never think about the accuracy of their computer screens. But anyone who wants to ensure their photos look the way they should in print or on other devices must calibrate their monitor.

PhotoReview: Datacolor Spyder5 Elite

PhotoReview.com Published May, 2015 Datacolor’s Spyder colorimeters have established a reputation as leaders in their field and there are few competitors that can claim to match them in reliability and accessibility. They are also regularly improved with updates and offered in models that suit different requirements, levels of expertise and pocketbooks. The Spyder5 colorimeter is […]

Popular Photography: Datacolor Spyder5 Elite Monitor Calibration System

PopularPhotography.com Published April 7, 2015 By: Stan Horaczek Considering the amount of time we spend staring at our screens, trying to get our images just right, it seems crazy how many photography enthusiasts are using uncalibrated monitors. I understand why it happens. Buying a monitor calibration system isn’t cheap and, quite frankly, it’s not as […]

WetPixel: Review: Spyder5 monitor calibration system

WetPixel.com Published April 16, 2015 By: Adam Hanlon A question often asked by photographers is why their images appear different when they are printed or on different screens, even when the images have been soft proofed. To answer this simply, it is often because each monitor’s interpretation of an image’s color is different from that […]

Imaging Resource: Datacolor Spyder5 review: Hands-on with the friendlier, more accurate colorimeter

Imaging-Resource.com Published April 10, 2015 By: Mike Tomkins If you want to see your photos at their best, or view the web with confidence that you’re seeing everything the way it was intended to look, a calibrated monitor is a must. Among the most affordable options available for profiling your display is Datacolor’s Spyder series […]

Cardinal Photo: Datacolor Spyder5: The best desktop color management tool keeps getting better

CardinalPhoto.com Published April 8, 2015 By: David Cardinal There is nothing more frustrating to a photographer than not being able to judge the color of their images. Even black and white images need accurate tonal values. That’s why I’ve long been a proponent of a fully color-managed workflow, providing the best chance that images shown […]

DP Review: Datacolor offers Spyder5 with redesigned calibrator

DPReview.net Published April 8, 2015 By: Damien Demolder Color management company Datacolor has announced a new version of its Spyder monitor calibrating tool that it claims offers up to 55% improvement in tonal response, leading to ‘more accurate shadow detail and smoother gradients.’ The body of the new Spyder5 calibrator has been redesigned, somewhat losing […]

DIY Photography: Hands on Datacolor Spyder5ELITE Review

DIYPhotography.net Published April 8, 2015 By: JP Danko The Datacolor Spyder is a line of monitor calibration tools used to make sure that the colors you see on an electronic display are as close as possible to their true color. The Spyder has a built in colorimeter that accurately measures the color, brightness, white point […]

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