Published Sep 24, 2015
Jay P Morgan

Hi this is Jay P Morgan and today on The Slanted Lens we’re reviewing a new product from Datacolor. It’s called the Spyder5PRO.

The Spyder5PRO is a monitor color calibrating software. It’s made so you can calibrate your monitor to help you get a consistent image, to know if your images are exposed correctly, and if they’re going to print correctly. This software will allow you to create a workflow that will standardize your color, standardize your exposure, so that the images you’re taking will match what you’re showing and printing.

If you’re going to look at your images or if you’re going to share your images, either on the internet or in print, you’ve got to have some way to create a standard that will help you to know that the exposure and color you’re getting are acceptable. That they’re going to look correct, and that other people are going to view them the way that you do.

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