Published April 8, 2015
By: Damien Demolder

Color management company Datacolor has announced a new version of its Spyder monitor calibrating tool that it claims offers up to 55% improvement in tonal response, leading to ‘more accurate shadow detail and smoother gradients.’ The body of the new Spyder5 calibrator has been redesigned, somewhat losing the spider legs that got the series it name. It’s now a rounder device, and its base is fitted with 7 new photo-detectors to read the colors being displayed on the monitor.

As with previous versions, the Spyder5 will come in three configurations: Spyder5EXPRESS, Spyder5PRO and Spyder5ELITE, according to how seriously you need to take the accuracy of your color system – and according to how much money you have to devote to it. The ELITE version also allows projector calibration.

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