By Truly Gadgets
Published September 3rd, 2014

If you’re a creative professional- or even a devoted amateur- then you understand the value in true colors. KnowingCMYK and RGB are only useful if you’re able to see the properly, match them, and trust that what you see is what you’ll get in print of any kind. Photographers and videographers, graphic designers and visual artists, all should consider adding a tool to their kit if it’s not already inside: a color calibrator.

Think of it like a tuneup for your monitor, something that should be maintained occasionally. With Datacolor’s Spyder4Pro, you get a cute pod and some software that together help automatically calibrate brightness and color. You attach it to your OSX or PC computer via USB, then use the full-spectrum seven-color sensor to walk through a few steps in the wizard and then create a profile and a reference state. You can use the same process on your tablet, iPhone, or Android device as well thanks to their free app. And you can run it across multiple displays on the same machine, matching them perfectly.

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