By Bjorn Petersen
Published April, 2014

Striving to achieve proper color balance, system-wide, can be quite the task for any photographer or videographer due to so many variables, from capture to editing to exporting. In order to streamline this system and provide heightened and consistent control across all aspects of the process, Datacolor has just announced the SpyderHD Color Calibration Suite.

Included in this advanced color-calibration solution is a range of tools designed to afford the greatest control, configurability, and adjustment capabilities for all stages of a workflow. Beginning with the capture stage, the included SpyderCHECKR is a durable, foldable, and tripod-mountable 48-color test chart comprising well-known spectrally engineered color swatches. This solution enables quick setting of white balance on site, for both photo and video applications, and can also be used as a reference during post production. A dedicated gray target is also incorporated into the SpyderCHECKR’s design for precise exposure balance and neutral color settings from camera to camera. Also helping to achieve precise color settings during shooting, the included SpyderCUBE features a compact, multi-faceted design to detect both primary and secondary light sources in any situation. This mountable tool can rest atop the SpyderCHECKR and is used to confirm on-set lighting calibration as well as white balance information and exposure settings for RAW image adjustments.

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