By Lee Varis
Published May 21st, 2014

“If, however, you do not have a target, I suggest you invest in the Datacolor SpyderCheckr system.”

“The SpyderCheckr target is a high quality package with a user replaceable target that has fade indicators built-in, so you can know at a glance if you might need to replace the patches. The replacement patches are much less expensive than buying a whole new target which is quite an improvement from X-Rite’s recommendation to re-purchase after two years.”

“I have a SpyderCheckr target that is 3 years old and I see no signs of fading! The SpyderCheckr has additional patches beyond the 24 standard ones on the reversible target “pages” that offer some modest functionality on set for white balance, etc… the target can be easily attached to a light stand – another convenience.”

“Since the SpyderCheckr simply generates HSL slider settings, its an easy matter to manually fine tune the settings for your own visual preference.”

“Probably the biggest advantage of the system is that camera calibration is not limited to Raw files, but can be applied to Jpegs, and very importantly, to video!  For this reason alone, it would be highly recommended for photographers moving into video.”

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