Published March 20th, 2014

“The results are, as you would expect, pretty impressive. I had always considered myself to be pretty good at balancing and adjusting by sight… after applying the SpyderCHECKR’s presets, you see where your camera’s metering flaws lie. Blues and reds in particular, were most noticeably off.”

“If you are a commercial or portrait photographer where color needs to be perfect, then in my mind it’s a no brainer: You should have some sort of color sampling and calibration system…The SpyderCHECKR Pro (which includes the SpyderCUBE) is among the most economical systems.”

“The SpyderCHECKR has a few features we really like, such as the tripod socket, the durable case and the FadeCheckr system that tells you when your color patch insert has seen too much sun. And when that FadeCheckr turns yellow from too much sun, you can actually replace the target cards instead of buying a whole new system. ”

“The software is quite easy to use, and it integrates well with our favorite software. Where the system really shines is when you have a massive set of photos to calibrate. The SpyderCHECKR Pro saves you a great deal of time.”

“…if you are in need of accurate colors, or if you want to calibrate lots of photos very quickly, then the system should probably be very close to the top of your wishlist.”

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