By Brian McLaughlin
Published February 14, 2013

The central part of any great home entertainment system is the display. We spend a great deal of money on display technology but how much effort do we make to ensure that the display is properly calibrated? I know when I originally bought my TV, and a couple times since, I used the THX calibration disc available in some movie cases but it is a completely subjective calibration and I don’t trust my eyes that much. This is where Datacolor steps in with the Spyder4TV HD home theater calibration system.

The Spyder4TV HD provides a color sensor, known as a colorimeter, and a set of video discs for BluRay, DVD – NTSC, and DVD – PAL. When you open up the packaging, you find a very clear quick-start guide, the discs, the colorimeter, a bungee system to attach the colorimeter to the TV, and computer software. The calibration process works by coordinating manual changes to the TV’s settings with data returned via a USB connection from the colorimeter to your computer.

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