By Len Rapoport
Published February 8, 2013

A number of years ago I was first introduced to Spyder2 PRO at the PDN Photoplus Show in New York. The folks at Datacolor gave me one as a gift. I began to use it on my iMac to recalibrate the color on my iMac then and have done so until I upgraded to the new Mac Mountain Lion operating system. Apparently the new OSX made enough changes that the older software was no longer compatible.

Now understand, I had never even realized that on an iMac 24″ Dual Core computer I could even do this, since there are no user controls to adjust the monitor other then the brightness. So I knew it was time to contact Datacolor, get a newer version the Spyder4 Pro and do a product review. After all, I had been using the Spyder2 Pro for at least 6 years.

Years ago, I wasn’t even aware that the color display on a computer, especially on an iMac could radically change over time. Sure we all realize that a CRT Monitor could change as the tube got older, but who would even think that an iMac, an iPad or an iPhone, with with their beautiful color displays, would also change. For the past 6 years I have calibrated my monitor using my little Spyder 2 and now with the Spyder4 Pro, I can also calibrate my iPad too.

With their new Spyder4 Pro the user can calibrate their monitor in as little as 3 minutes. When you first use this product you will be amazed when you see the remarkable results of that calibration. At the end of the process you can switch from the calibrated to the non-calibrated view and as you will see in my video, the results are truly amazing.

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