Published December 2, 2012

SpyderTV by Datacolor is a colorimeter based ‘software-driven’ easy-to-use solution to help home users optimize their video display settings. Being colorimeter based means the video calibration process is not subjective to the human eye perceived levels of color, contrast, and brightness.

The first colorimeter solution was released by Datacolor in 2005. Since then, we have seen a number of improvements, with the latest being Spyder3TV and Spyder4TV HD. These are practically the same except that the HD version comes with a Blu-ray disc as the source for the test patterns instead of a DVD. Main improvements include improved software capable of calibrating both direct-view and front projection systems, and a more precise seven-sensor device.

This Datacolor TV calibration system is a relatively inexpensive solution for DIY system calibrators even though (as expected) it is more expensive than the typical Blu-ray set-up disc. The whole issue is: Does it deliver what it promises?

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