By NadoonHealth.comi
Published August 14, 2012

While interpretation of colour is subjective (we all see it in slightly different ways) having a properly configured monitor is essential for anyone working in a creative field that deals with images. Being able to standardise your display means you can have more confidence that the colours, highlights and shadows you see will be displayed just the same on a client s calibrated monitor. It s not just a question of having the optimum settings on your monitor either-you need to know how much of the colour profile you are working with is accurately displayed on the monitor itself. This is where Datacolor s Spyder4Elite comes in, with an advanced calibration test that covers both regular and wide gamut displays, presenting a percentage of gamut-covered graph and offers a monitor quality rating as well as a host of specialist readings. Compared to Datacolor s Spyder3, the new system is claimed to be 26 per cent more accurate.

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