By By David Salahi
Published May 8, 2012

Earlier this year I purchased one of the new Spyder4 PRO color calibration devices from datacolor. The Spyder4 PRO is $169.95 direct from datacolor. datacolor offers three versions of the Spyder4 at different price points depending on your needs. Check out the ELITE, PRO and EXPRESS models to pick the right one for your needs.

Using a device like this is important for any serious photographer and is essential for getting predictable color from prints. Color management solutions like the Spyder enable you to get consistent color across different monitors, different PCs and on different printers. The Spyder4 Pro includes both a hardware device the size of a mouse, called a colorimeter, and software which works with it. The hardware device measures the color of light emitted by your monitor across the spectrum and compares each displayed color with the expected/correct color. With this information the software creates a color profile for your Windows or Mac system which is used to adjust the displayed colors to be as correct as possible for your monitor. I purchased my Spyder4 in March and did an initial calibration at that time followed by a recalibration two months later.

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