By Erfon Elijah
Published May 29, 2012

Like its monitor-calibrating cousin, the Spyder4Pro, the Spyder4TV HD ($125) from Datacolor is used to fine-tune the color profiles in your life. But as the name implies, the Spyder4TV isn’t for your Mac’s monitor; this Spyder wants to correct the color on your HDTV.

There are four parts to the The Spyder4TV HD system: the software you load on your Mac, the color calibration sensor, the cradle and harness that holds the sensor pressed to your screen, and then the calibration disks you play on your DVD or BluRay player (both DVD and BluRay disks are provided).

Using the system means strapping the sensor to your HDTV via the harness, playing the appropriate calibration disk on your DVD or BluRay player, and then connecting the sensor to your Mac. From there, the Datacolor calibration software walks you through the process of adjusting your HDTV’s picture. The whole process takes about 20-30 minutes, and is about as much fun as folding your laundry.

But fun isn’t the point here, better picture quality is, and the Spyder4TV definitely delivers in that department.

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