By Bob Atkinsm
Published Apr. 17, 2012

The Datacolor Spyder4Elite, (compare prices) (review) is a device (and a system) for the color calibration of your video monitor. It can be used with LCD, LED, OLED and CRT displays and is even capable of color calibrating your iPhone and iPad (via a downloadable App). With additional software it can also be used to calibrate HDTV systems.

Basically it consists of a sensor which sits on the screen being calibrated. The sensor can measure both room ambient light levels, and, using a calibrated 7 color sensor, the brightness and color characteristics of your screen. It does this by displaying a series of differing brightness greyscale, red, blue and green patches on the screen during the calibration operation.

The Sypyder4 is very easy to use. The supplied software which takes you step by step through the process. One note here. I ran the supplied software and calibrated both a laptop LCD screen and my CRT screen. The laptop looked fine, but the CRT looked green every time I tried to calibrate it. Turns out it was a software issue. Downloading the latest software update from the Datacolor website cured the problem.

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