By Bryan Carnathan
Published Jan. 5, 2012

Evaluating and processing your images on a non-calibrated display is simply a bad idea. Each display shows colors slightly (or significantly) differently, and each needs to be calibrated to the standard. Using a hardware calibration system such as the Datacolor Spyder4 Express, Pro & Elite Display Calibration Systems makes this task easy and precise.

I had been using a Datacolor Spyder3 Elite Display Calibration System that I purchased retail over three years ago when Datacolor’s marketing company offered to send me a Datacolor Spyder4 Elite just prior to this product’s announcement. I was very pleased with the Spyder3 Elite and wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend the time upgrading to the 4, but said “sure”. I needed to get a new display calibration system review on the site and this model was my first choice of such products. Accepting the Datacolor Spyder4 Elite would obligate me to commit the time required to complete this review. This move has turned out to be an especially good one for my setup. I’ll explain why later in this Datacolor Spyder4 Elite review.

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