Published Feb. 6, 2012

After two years, Datacolor has upgraded their powerful, and popular, Spyder3 Display Calibrations device. The all new Spyder4 offers various upgrades and updates when compared side by side with the Spyder3, which include:

  • Improved accuracy compared to Spyder3
    • Average of 26% improved accuracy for monitors tested
  • Monitor Quality Analyzer (Pro and Elite models)
    • Advanced calibration accuracy test
    • Monitor quality rating
    • Display gamut graphing
    • Gamma and White Point test
    • Support for CRT displays (X-Rite product no longer supports CRT displays)
    • Supports RGB balancing adjustments
  • Advanced MQA (Elite only)
    • Uniformity luminance and color graphing
    • Advanced multiple display tuning
  • New SpyderGallery app for iPad /iPhone (free on the App Store)
    • The only calibration solution for the iPad & iPhone on the market today
    • Available on all Spyder models
  • SpyderTune (Elite only)
    • The ultimate tool for  fine tuning your displays


Displaying proper color and brightness (aka gamma) is extremely important, whether you’re an amateur or professional who deals with photos, video or graphics. With a plethora of display possibilities these days, each using their own unique color profile, it’s almost a guarantee that your photos or graphics will look different on each display. For those who use multiple displays in their studio, this can cause some serious headaches. When your photos, videos, or graphics are your bread maker, you have to do everything within your power to ensure consistency in color and brightness. This is where the Spyder4 comes into play.

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