By Mike Pasini
Published January 2012

As our Adobe Carousel review pointed out, we’re no longer living in front of one screen. Our options are extensive: desktop monitor, laptop, netbook, HDTV, projector, tablet, smartphone. All of them have screens on which we view the photos we’ve taken.

Hardware monitor calibration — which is what Datacolor’s Spyder is all about — has always been important for achieving accurate color on your monitor and minimizing surprises from your output devices. But it hasn’t been as widely adopted as its importance might suggest.

With the proliferation of screens, Datacolor is hoping its Spyder4, which can handle them all, will be as welcomed among consumers as it has been with pros. And for pros (and the serious amateur), the stakes have never been higher.

Who wants to see all their hard work blown up by an uncalibrated monitor? Nobody.

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